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The Little Girl Isn’t Dead

This is a continuation of my last post, The Little Girl is Dead. While on our short vacation, my mind refused me the opportunity to forget about what was going on at home.  Instead it kept thinking about that phrase … Continue reading

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The Little Girl is Dead

Those are the words my mind tricked me into believing were true.  I heard a fireman say something that sounded like that on the night of May 25th, the night a EF1 tornado touched down very close to my home. … Continue reading

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Catching Up

It has been too long since my last posting.  I’m going to sum up what’s happened since my last post, and then write individual posts for the more important things later on. A EF1 tornado hit my area.  It started … Continue reading

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Down and Out, For Now

Sunday as Rachel, Taylor and I were heading to my grandma’s for some delicious vegetable soup, my truck died.  I was able to get it re-started to get it turned around and on the way back to our home.  It … Continue reading

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No More to Spread

Well, today went beautifully. My neighbor came over to try to correct this clog in our drain.  We snaked the line, used a compressed air machine on it, and even cleaned out the vent line. It just got worse. So … Continue reading

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Spread Thin

Progress on projects I have undertaken has come very slow. Here is a list of things I am currently working or trying to work on: 1. Redesign my website. 2. Redesign all electronic menus for DVDs and packaging for my products. 3. Look … Continue reading

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Helping Thy Neighbor

I have written on several occasions about how my neighbor is moving.  Rachel and I are quite saddened by this, they have been sweet and very nice to us.  We will truely miss them when they leave, which is supposed … Continue reading

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