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Living in a Sea of Blue

While there is a big game about to happen, I’m not writing about that – exactly. I’m writing about how Indiana is an interesting place to live, to say the least. My friend Editor B seems to have sold out … Continue reading

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Looking for a Bargain? Come to Our House!

We are currently working on having our first garage sale ever! It will be this Saturday, June 21st from 8:30 am til 4 pm.  I don’t totally feel comfortable putting my address down, so if you’re interested leave a comment … Continue reading

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Cruel and Unusual

I can’t believe someone can be this cruel.  Just watch the video below.  

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Just Like New…I Think

I worked my last day of the semester at Kelley today, and after I left, I immediately went to pick up my mower.  It had been at John Deere since last Saturday being repaired. I was in for a shocker … Continue reading

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Oh The Insanity!

We were told by the USGS that there could be up to as many as 12 or so aftershocks for up to a week after the earthquake.  I was surprised to see this headline buried in the newspaper today, “4.5 … Continue reading

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The Little Mower That Could (For A While Anyway)

When we bought our home there was a big argument regarding how we would care for the yard.  At .47 acres, it’s not small, but not large.  I wanted a riding mower, but Rachel wanted to push mow the lawn. … Continue reading

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If The House is a Rockin’

The midwest felt something very strange Friday morning, there was an earthquake.  I have heard so much about the quake of ’87 or the quake of ’02, but I didn’t feel or just don’t remember them. I’m only writing this … Continue reading

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