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How Life Has Changed

Long foregone is the time of blog posts being what I looked forward to writing. It seems to be a thing of the past, an online journal to express ones thoughts, feelings, actions. This mystifies me, it also troubles me … Continue reading

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Upgrade Complete

I’m not sure how long it’s been since I’ve written about my health issues.  Today I had surgery to replace the battery on my Vagus Nerve Stimulator.  It’s primary function is to control my epilepsy, and has been the only … Continue reading

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Baby Maker: Offline

On Thursday I underwent a procedure that eliminates my ability to have anymore children, called a vasectomy. Sexual health and responsibility is something that is often placed on women, entirely.  I know that throughout my entire life, it has been … Continue reading

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Hidradenitis Supperativa

Such a strange term.  Almost impossible to pronounce.  This is the name for the condition that has dictated what is physically possible for me to do for the last 16 years of my life. Never heard of it?  Neither had … Continue reading

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Sick and Tired

I just thought I’d leave a quick note, as I haven’t written in quite a long time: I didn’t realize how much work my classes this semester would actually be.  It’s taken up much of my time as of recently.  … Continue reading

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Out of Shape

Since I’ve gotten married my weight has risen to a plateau of 275 pounds.  It’s amazing how you don’t notice these things until they creep up on you. Lately my back has been hurting when I do anything but sit.  … Continue reading

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Clogged Drains

I’ve had a particular body problem for a little bit over a decade now.  This problem flares up on occasion and it’s not fun to deal with. From what I’ve read, teenagers have these sorts of problems commonly due to … Continue reading

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Down With the Sickness

Life lately in the Lawmaster household has been anything but fun as of recent.  We all came down with forms of the same sickness.  Fortunately we have all recovered. Originally I thought it was a new recipe that Rachel had … Continue reading

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I recently purchased this model of e-cigarette, to try it out and see if it actually did all it claimed.  I was amazingly surprised!  Since it’s disposable, once the battery died I had to find another option. So I decided … Continue reading

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On Monday I went under the knife.  I had the battery in my VNS device replaced.  This device is very important, as it’s the only treatment that has ever kept me seizure free. The original plan was to replace my … Continue reading

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Ban the Ban

Today on the Herald-Times website there has been a serious discussion regarding IU’s smoking ban which went into effect last January.  It started with a reporter searching the campus for smokers and placing updates on their website, she then spoke with administrators … Continue reading

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Happy 200th! Not.

On a weird statistical note, this is my 200th post to this blog.  I really thought I had written more than that, but not. The troubling part is the reason why I’m writing this entry.  Rachel and I have been trying … Continue reading

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I have been in a lot of pain recently.  What really puzzles me is that I haven’t been involved in any rigorous activities.  The only thing I have been really doing lately is sitting on a chair and looking at a computer … Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It

Several months ago, Rachel and I had our yearly appointments with an ophthalmologist.  She has horrible vision, and mine isn’t bad but is slowly getting worse. We went to her doctor this time, as they offer discounts for IU employees.  One … Continue reading

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Anything for My Grandpa

While in Oklahoma visiting my aunts, I went to look at an old radio that was my grandfather’s.  My aunt Laura has it in a storage trailer of hers, and said that I could have it.  While we did not … Continue reading

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Cruel and Unusual

I can’t believe someone can be this cruel.  Just watch the video below.  

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That Empty Feeling

Since I’ve started taking Chantix, and quit smoking.  I have this strange feeling, it’s like I’m empty inside now. While non smokers may not understand what I’m talking about, its more mental than physical and in my case has deep … Continue reading

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Giving Up The Monster

I have attempted to quit smoking many times.  I have used the patch, gum and lozenges. This time I’m taking a more pharmaceutical try.  Last Tuesday, I had an appointment with my physician who I hadn’t seen in almost 10 … Continue reading

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I Thought It Was Over

Last night I received a call from my daughters mother.  Taylor had a seizure! I was almost certain this was over, when she was around 1 she had a few seizures. This brought me into an immediate depression with thoughts … Continue reading

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Is The World Spinning, Or Is It Just Me?

Not too long after I awoke today, something very strange happened to me. I had what I’m calling a mini-seizure. Just as I was about to take my morning dose of anti-seizure medication, the world started spinning.  It felt like … Continue reading

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