Let Us Smash Some Pumpkins

Many don’t understand my taste in music, and never will.  I’m fine with that.

Friday night, Lyndsey and I saw the Smashing Pumpkins.  A group that gained notoriety in my pre-teen days.  It wasn’t until my later teens that I became curious, and later, enthralled.  Primarily due to a couple of girls I had an interest in singing the lyrics while on the bus to high school.

With songs ranging from “Today” that is sweet sounding and generally a happy tune, to “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” which explains the human rat race in a post apocalyptic world, their lyrics run the spectrum.  Their gritty guitars and electro synth stylings are quite literally music to my ears.

I was nervous about this concert, as Lyndsey has some serious mobility issues.  Our seats were right off the floor – but I knew she would have to do a tremendous amount of walking.  It wasn’t too bad on her, she was a trooper.  Due to her issues, the ushers advised us to take a different exit.  Instead of going out where everyone else does.  We got a little bit of a backstage tour.  One that was closely guarded so we had no opportunity or way to go venturing.

I was disappointed that the group isn’t whole, as they have continued without their original bassist, but sometimes that’s the way life goes.  Billy Corgan has received a lot of flak over his political views, which I honestly do not care about.  He was a professional and didn’t use his band to continue those views while on stage.

It was an enjoyable evening on this year, the year of concerts for me.  So far there have been three.  One of which, the Foo Fighters, I was unable to attend.  I have one more left.  Alabama with Travis Tritt.  Two acts I never thought I’d be able to see.

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