The Summer of Discontent

This summer has been a hard one on me, for a multitude of reasons.  Reasons I will outline below.


There have been some changes to my work environment.  The director that hired me had to step down and officially become an emeritus due to policies I don’t exactly understand.  The new “interim” director isn’t exactly as social or open, and it has the staff and faculty mighty concerned.  For instance, he has requested several things that I should have been in the loop on, but I’ve found out third hand about them.  We will carry on, but it’s a time of a lot of unknowns.  I’m not a fan of unknown.

Fortunately I work for a different department technically, so he does not have the capability to fire me, or even discipline me.  But these are my people, and I will stick up for them with everything of my being.  It’s who I am professionally.


The girlfriend had planned a vacation for all of us, and I left the details up to her this time.  It seemed like a fun time, but quickly turned into a nightmare.  We went to Williamsburg, KY.  They have a waterpark there.  What caught my eye was that the fee to get in was only $2 more than it was to get into the local city pool.  Attached to the waterpark is a campground.  We were all going to camp there for three days, go to the waterpark and try to visit any other sights in the area that weren’t too far away.

When originally planning and booking the site, the weather was supposed to be comfortable, it turned out to be the opposite.  We had absolutely 0 shade at our camp site.  The tent camp sites were relegated to an area around the “backwash” of the waterpark.  It seemed very 3rd class.

Our Campsite

After a day at the waterpark, I got the worst sunburn I’ve ever had in my life.  With the combination of the heat and humidity, it felt like it was at least 110 degrees.  I was done.  My anger and frustrations at this situation couldn’t take anymore.

So I sat in my vehicle with the air conditioning on most of the day.  Later, I took a couple of the kids with me, and we drove to wherever.  Eventually making it to Chatanooga, TN and turning back around.  Me and her got into a fight.  For some reason she thought I was going to leave her and her kids there, five hours away from home without a way back home.  Did I think about it?  Yes.  But I could never do something like that.

We ended up staying for the Independence Day fireworks and leaving immediately afterwards.  I told her things would be different after this.  I needed peace, I require peace.

The next weekend, I took my daughter on a trip she deserved.  It was short but sweet.  We went to Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace, then went over to The Biltmore Estate.  Something her mom and I did 13 years prior, we even stayed in the same hotel.

Lincoln’s Birthplace


The Bathroom

We get home, and my main bathtub faucet wouldn’t stop dripping.  This remodel that I had been putting off for 12 years decided for me that it must be done now.

I have 3 bathrooms in my house, and this one has for the most part remained untouched since I purchased my home in 2006.  I knew it would need a complete gut, and I wasn’t prepared for the expense.  There was mold that would keep coming back.  This told me that it was in the wall.

So, after taking essentially two vacations – I am now knee deep in a bathroom renovation.

I have removed the tub surround, purchased a new one (that was just delivered to the store today), had my tub refinished and purchased a new tub faucet.

Now it’s just a matter of installation, and that disaster will be over with partially.  Once I get some of these debts paid off, I’m going to complete the rest of the renovation.

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