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Let Us Smash Some Pumpkins

Many don’t understand my taste in music, and never will.  I’m fine with that. Friday night, Lyndsey and I saw the Smashing Pumpkins.  A group that gained notoriety in my pre-teen days.  It wasn’t until my later teens that I … Continue reading

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Sixty Seven

August thirteenth.  For many, it’s just a normal day.  Some years, it’s the dreaded “Friday the 13th.”  But for me, it’s my father’s birthday.  A day of eternal celebration.  Sixty seven years ago, my father was born, at a soon … Continue reading

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What were you doing in 1968?

1968.  It was a big year in the United States.  I only know of it from second and third hand accounts, due to being born in 1980.  Little did I know however, how important the events of that year and … Continue reading

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The Summer of Discontent

This summer has been a hard one on me, for a multitude of reasons.  Reasons I will outline below. Work There have been some changes to my work environment.  The director that hired me had to step down and officially … Continue reading

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Catching Up – Saving My Home

Divorce, it’s an ugly word.  It brings out the worst in everything involved.  The people and the government.  Fathers of children are typically taken for everything they have or are attached to, and mothers are given sainthood. Well, that didn’t … Continue reading

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