New Venture

I’ve decided to quit waiting on a company to accept me for a position with them.  I’ve never been a popular person, or a person with inside connections.  It seems that in today’s rough job hunting climate that is exactly what you need in order to succeed or even get a foot in the door with a company.

I’ve decided to start a business, named Magitech.  Magitech will provide in home technology support services to people in the Monroe county, Indiana area.

I have always enjoyed giving support to people with technology, and hope to for the foreseeable future.

About Lee

A simple man, with a very complicated life.
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  1. jow says:

    The new economy is about entrepreneurship, in the arts is called Creative Industries which is often the 4 or 5th largest section of the economy in a state. Good luck and have fun.

  2. jow says:

    Miss your posts

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