Goodbye Yahoo!, Hello Google

I’ve been subscribing to Yahoo! Mail Plus since 2006, and while I enjoy it, I don’t enjoy the fact that I have to pay $19.95 a year to POP my mail to my various e-mail clients.  I knew I needed to make a switch somewhere, but didn’t know where to go.  I know there are many e-mail services out there such as hotmail, juno and gmail.

I’m kinda finicky about my e-mail provider, as I’m not a fan of web mail (I only use it when I have to).  That’s why I’ve been paying for Yahoo’s Plus service.  I used to be a big proponent of Juno.  If you don’t know the history of it, it’s quite fascinating.  It started as a e-mail only program.  You could write emails and send them, that’s it.  It would connect when you wanted to send or receive and then disconnect.  In the age of dial-up access, this was an efficient use of the phone line.  I used Juno from 1996 until about 2004, that’s when my inbox began to be clogged with so much spam that I spent more time cleaning the spam out than simply reading the e-mail that was intended for me.  That’s when I gave up my original internet handle, Cowboyman.
Starting August 1st, I will no longer be with yahoo.  I’ve had a gmail account for quite some time, I just haven’t used it much.  I will be full-on switching over to google for my email needs.  To keep the spam bots away, I won’t be divulging my entire email address for the world.  But for those of you that know my email address, it will be changing ever so slightly.

Instead of it will be

If you’re my friend on facebook, you can see all of my info on my profile page as well.

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