Summer Luxuries

This summer is wildly different than the last couple of summers.  I’m actually working a regular schedule!  That means we have the means to do more!

I’m also taking my last semester at Ivy Tech, the school I have learned to despise.  Since I am transferring to IU, I didn’t have many choices because there are a limited amount of classes that transfer.  So I am taking Econ-101 and Hist-125.  Economics is well, economics; there isn’t much I can really say about such a dull class.  History is a different story however, as the focus for this class is “The History of American Technology.”  There is nothing that gets me as excited as history and technology, well I can probably name a few things but I must digress.

I also made the deans list for the Spring 2010 semester!

My econ class is online, and my history class was originally a “hybrid” class, which is essentially online; with the option of coming in for lectures and discussion.  I guess not enough people registered for my section and it was canceled and moved to a online section.  So no rushing to class for me this summer!  Score!

Interestingly enough, one of the first classes I will be taking at IU is a similar class, but it is in relation to how the computer changed America.  It is through the American Studies program.

I have had an average of 100 pages of reading per week thus far, and I expect that pace to stay the same.  For someone who only reads something if it’s necessary, that’s a mountain of reading.  Luckily I’m able to read and do my homework while at work, which opens up my time away from work for activities I’d much rather be doing.

Speaking of work, it seems as of the last few months that more and more people on campus are moving to Apple computers; the pressure for us to offer support for them has grown exponentially.  I haven’t seriously used a mac since the original Macintosh.  So with some preparation, I will be purchasing a macbook sometime this summer.  I hope to learn the systems inside and out in the only way I know how; enveloping myself in it.  Some think that it’s a large expense for just a learning tool, but I think it’s a small investment in my learning.  Plus it will elminate our current battles over who can use the laptop.  Even Amelia wants to play on what we call “the magic box.”

We’re currently talking (and planning) on adding a HTPC (Home Theater PC) to our endless collection of technology at home.  The key issue is price at this point, neither of us want to spend too much money.  With the lack of abilities a DVD player provides, a HTPC can offer us endless opportunities for whatever we want to do.  I have many movies that we can simply watch over our home network, plus with things like Hulu, Boxee and my new fave, Netflix – we’ll never have the excuse that “nothing’s on.”  With that in mind, I’m currently working on getting our LAN up and running.  I just have to install the box, an outlet, and connect the wiring.

I’ve all but completed the new website for LML Video Services.  I just need to raise the $60 I need to re-up my hosting package.  I built this website from scratch through my Computer Information Systems class last semester, and then tweaked it for “commercial” use.  It’s simple, just my style.  I’m currently trying to make the decision to leave PayPal and use Google for checkout options, but that’s still on the drawing board.  I also have a “Latest Updates” section that is essentially a blog.  I would like to use Word Press or some other blogging type script to update this rather than hand code it.  Unfortunately I cannot work on this until it is actually up and running.

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