Little Sis is All Grown Up

Late Thursday night we received an anticipated visitor, my little sister.  She’s been living in Phoenix, AZ for a few years now.  Besides the occasional call, I don’t hear from her much.

She came into town with a friend for her BFF’s wedding.  Being so far away from her family, her time was precious during her stay.  Besides trying to catch up with me and her new niece she hadn’t met yet, she had to try to see her uncle and her dad (who is currently in jail).

After a busy Friday, she and I and her friend went out to have a few drinks and play some pool.  Little did I know that Bloomington in the summer would be so busy!  We went downtown and there were lines out the doors.  So we went to the east side, and it was packed there.  By the time we rolled into Ellettsville, it was 1 A.M., there we found what we were looking for; a quiet location that wasn’t busy, with pool tables.

While we were there, we played pool and caught up on life.  It was a rare thing, and I wish we could do it more often.  I found out my sister has done some modeling, which I found odd, but I think she really looked well.  She had me copy 3 CD’s of her modeling pictures.  I never thought my rural farm girl of a sister would be into fashion!

I also found out she’s been dating a man of mixed race for about 9 months now.  I have always thought of myself as an open minded person, but it took me for a spin when I saw pictures of them.  It’s not that I have a problem with it, I just need some time to adjust.  The more important fact is that she’s happy, not what I think.  If he makes her happy, then I should be as well.

She left for Louisville, KY to see our mom last night.  She’s going to spend today and part of Tuesday with her before flying back to Phoenix.  I hope they have a blast together and get to reconnect, like we did.

She’s the only sibling I have.  While I haven’t really appreciated her in the past, I really appreciate and miss her now.  I wish she didn’t live so far away, but moving has done so much for her as a person that in my opinion it outweighs all of the negatives.

Hopefully when Amelia gets more self sufficient, we can take a family vacation out there to see her.  I also have 2 cousins who live in the Phoenix area, which is awesome!

She told us she’s on Facebook, which is great to keep up with her life.  She doesn’t want us to look at her page until she has it like she wants it though.  Just remember Gloria, I’m only a phone call away!

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