Goodbye Gil

We happened upon Gillham (Gil for short) while at the Fun Frolic in 2007.  We decided to play the “win a bunny” game, only because it said you could win an alternate prize.

Over the almost 3 years we’ve had Gil, he’s earned a place in our hearts that no animal or person can replace.

We have came to a fork in the road of life that has forced us to make a hard decision.  We have too many responsibilities currently.  Between work, school, caring for an infant, constant home renovation projects and life we don’t have time to do anything else.

We have loved Gil since that erratic day he entered our lives, and hopes he brings that same joy into the many lives he will be friends with at his new home, Childs Elementary School here in Bloomington.

We didn’t want to take him to a shelter, or give him to another person, mainly because of what happened to Baby Tat.  We learned the guy we gave her to got rid of her within a few months.  Rachel had a bright idea and sent an email to every teacher she could find in the area.  She got several responses, mainly from kindergarten teachers.  In the end, it was a 6th grade teacher who decided he would make a happy addition to her classroom.  She’s very excited and will be picking him up Friday night.

We learned through him that rabbits are high maintenance pets.  Some owners decide to not let them out of their cages, but something about that just seemed cruel & unusual to us.  Rabbits by nature run and hop about, we didn’t want to change that.  So we regularly let him out every night for an hour or so, so he could stretch his legs.  He learned to love and emulate the behavior of his feline roommates.

After the birth of Amelia, that nightly routine has become very hard to follow.  With me at school 3 nights a week, and Rachel caring for Amelia while I’m away, we’re both exhausted by the time it comes to let him out.  Now Amelia is starting to learn to crawl, which has brought more thoughts to our attention.  While sitting in his cage, Gil kicks out some of his bedding and some of his feces.  It would be a full time job keeping that clean and away from a child who will be crawling very soon.

We will miss you Gil!  We hope you have a fun and happy life with all those 6th graders!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Aaawww – I’m going to cry! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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