Being Productive

Since April of last year I haven’t worked more than 24 hours in a week.  While over the summer I was plenty busy with home remodeling projects and going to school full-time, I didn’t feel like a productive member of society.

While I’m not technically working full time, I am doing what I can, at 36 hours it’s not as bad as only 24.  I’ve discovered some things about myself that I find interesting.

I’m more productive.  I tend to try to accomplish more tasks and goals opposed to when I had more time, it seems strange but also interesting.

I have better self esteem.  While I am tired, both mentally and physically, I feel better about myself which helps my motivation for things above.

I am lucky in the fact that both of my positions allow for me to work on my homework while there.  I guess it’s an advantage of working in the world of academia.  I try to take advantage of this resource as much as possible.

I was thrown into the world of “work” at an early age, 14.  That’s when I got my first job cleaning tables and doing dishes at Gresham Dining Hall at IU.  I enjoyed the work, but didn’t enjoy the atmosphere.  Boys can be just as bad as girls at that age.

I guess age and maturity have changed my outlook since then.  I want to work, it’s just been impossible to find a job.  I hope that with time and with my blossoming skills, I will be able to find a position that pays me what I’m worth.

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