Living in a Sea of Blue

While there is a big game about to happen, I’m not writing about that – exactly.

I’m writing about how Indiana is an interesting place to live, to say the least.

My friend Editor B seems to have sold out his roots for his new hometown, New Orleans.  While I can partially admit that growing up in Greenwood, Indiana – one of the most blah places to live in Indiana, wouldn’t be a place to create fond childhood memories.  Indiana in general is an amazing place with pockets of greatness surrounded by seas of corn and grains.  This is a direct response to this post on his blog.

I’m writing this to dis-spell all of the myths Editor B has proclaimed and to give those who don’t know, some information about the state that has “more than corn” in it.

1.  Indiana makes dumb laws.  What state doesn’t?  For that matter, what entity doesn’t?  I’m sure if you do a google search on “Louisiana Dumb Laws” you’ll come up with more than a handful.

2.  I’m sure you could find songs about New Orleans with lyrics that aren’t so impressionable about it.  I’m not going to spend the time searching for them.  The only song I can think of off hand is, The House of the Rising Sun, which is commonly known to be about a brothel.  That’s a real good image!

3.  I find it interesting that one of New Orleans nicknames is “The City that Care Forgot.”  So nobody cares about New Orleans?  Why should I then?

4.  The term “hoosier” is seen as many different things in many different places.  Maybe from your point of view B, you’ve got me.  But it is a term of endearment to all of us living in Indiana.  Plus no matter where you live, you’ll always be a hoosier – you graduated from Indiana University!

5.  You’re right about the White river being too sandy for good transportation.  But wrong on many other levels.  Indianapolis was created to be the capital city – instead of just being chosen.  Just like Washington D.C., it was designed to accommodate many of the features it has today, thus giving it an advantage.  Indianapolis isn’t called “The Crossroads of America” for nothing!  With 4 major interstates colliding into it, it’s a transportation hub.  Meaning it’s good for business.  It is one of the easiest “big” cities to navigate in my personal experience.

6.  I honestly have no rebuttal about your #6, because I could really care less about sports.  I was pushed on so many sports as a child that I got burnt out.  My sister-in-law is a huge Colts fan.  So much that she is a season ticket holder, goes to many away games, and even has a room in her home dedicated to the team.  She will be in Miami this weekend rooting her team on, just like she was in 2007.

7.  To continue with #6, plus we here in Indiana have many other things to occupy our time other than merely football.  It’s just a game B.  Many things are about local level events, not national.  You’re the one that taught me that I should be more involved in my local government – which I’m slowly but surely doing.

8.  All you’re doing is bringing up stuff I thought you were higher than.  I’m sure we could find some rumors about Reggie Bush or your “hoosier” quarterback…

9.  I wouldn’t say that.  In all actuality, there is a restaurant in Mooresville that is run by a husband-wife duo that is from NOLA and Indy.  It’s been quite the story maker.  Just read this article.

10.  Even us hoosiers were ticked off about that deal.  It was always the “Hoosier Dome” no matter what the marquee said.  It was the start of corporate sponsorship that has taken over ever aspect of everything we have today.  I have to admit, I really like ROX #82, you documented things well!

Your turn, Editor B.

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2 Responses to Living in a Sea of Blue

  1. Editor B says:

    Your evident sincerity shames me, Magic Man. Since you are confessedly not interested in the Big Sports Hype, let me just clarify that all my comments are part of the “game around the game” if you will. I believe the technical term is trash-talking.

    That said, don’t expect me to relent at this point. As you’ve seen on Facebook and elsewhere, this little foray has stirred up quite a hornets nest and I for one am enjoying it mightily.

    Plus I have some more “facts” which will just plain knock you out.

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