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Save Our Children’s Future

With the “Great Recession” the economic outlook in Indiana has been downright bleak.  It’s so bleak that the state has been forced to cut funding to K-12 schools and all publicly funded post secondary schools.  This is primarily due to … Continue reading

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The Invasion is On

Saturday morning, I awoke to a very vivid and bizarre dream.  One who’s details have still stuck with me.  I haven’t had a dream like this since I was taking Chantix to help quit smoking.  It was very similar to … Continue reading

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Educating My Business

While I’m currently taking classes to earn an Associates of Applied Science in Programming at Ivy Tech Community College, I try to use my business as a resource from time to time. This semester, I get to use it for … Continue reading

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Being Productive

Since April of last year I haven’t worked more than 24 hours in a week.  While over the summer I was plenty busy with home remodeling projects and going to school full-time, I didn’t feel like a productive member of … Continue reading

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Down With the Sickness

Life lately in the Lawmaster household has been anything but fun as of recent.  We all came down with forms of the same sickness.  Fortunately we have all recovered. Originally I thought it was a new recipe that Rachel had … Continue reading

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Living in a Sea of Blue

While there is a big game about to happen, I’m not writing about that – exactly. I’m writing about how Indiana is an interesting place to live, to say the least. My friend Editor B seems to have sold out … Continue reading

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