Today we were able to receive our 2009 W-2 statement online and I must say it was quite a shocker.  My income has significantly went down since I left Baxter, but I think this is a new low.  I’m not going to publicly state how much, but lets just say it’s under 10 grand by a significant amount.

There were many issues that contributed to this.  I’m going to outline them for documentation should I need a reference.

  • CSR – They didn’t schedule me to work since April of 2009.  Last week I resigned that position.
  • School – I decided to take off over the summer and focus on my studies and remodeling of our home.  Mainly due to the fact that I could not attain summer employment, or any employment for that matter.
  • Unemployment – While off for the summer I applied for unemployment, received it – now they want it back!

I have been in a war of words with our state unemployment system.  Technically employees of state funded educational institutions cannot receive unemployment during “an established break period.”  We all know that summer is an established break period.  However, this is only the case when there is “reasonable assurance” that the applicant will be returning to their position after that break.  This was not the case here.

Since I have two positions, it can become muddy water from there.  I was “assured” by both of my supervisors that I would indeed return.  This only happened with one of them.  With the job market virtually non existent, it has taken me this long to find another position.

I was paid around $1,000 in unemployment in a 4 week period.  Of that money, I only received around half of that due to taxes, child support, etc.  It then stopped, with potentially libelous statements to follow.  The DWD actually stated that it was “the claimant’s fault.”  It was my fault that I received benefits?  Isn’t it the DWD’s job to ensure I’m applicable to receive them before they are paid?  I appealed the findings, hoping to receive a hearing with an administrative judge.  I received a letter that my appeal had been received, but still no hearing.  I’m now receiving statements on a semi-regular basis demanding I pay this back or “severe civil and or criminal findings may be placed against me.”  I say bring it!  I deserve due process.

When I received the first notice, I responded quickly inquiring about why I never received a hearing.  I Highlighted incorrect data that was entered by the DWD, not myself.  I then asked to receive my hearing, but am still only receiving the mentioned notices.  I have evidence that I believe shows my case – if I ever get a chance to show it.

I just wish this nightmare would come to an end.  Seriously.

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