Repairing the Floor

I have everything completed in the walls of my office.  I have one more thing to do before I can move on to the other area downstairs.

This is just a sample of what the perimeter of our basement floor looks like.  The floor originally was covered with carpet.  As a part of carpet installation, tack strips were put down on the perimeter of the floor.  Since the basement does get some water from time to time, we are not going to put a floor covering down that has the potential of being damaged due to water.  We have decided to either stain the concrete or apply an epoxy coating.

I want to repair all of these chips to make the floor visually appealing, and smooth.  I have no experience with masonry or concrete, so this will be an adventure.

With anything I have no experience with, I first search the internet for any available information to try to learn as much as possible before undergoing a project.  While there are many articles and how-to’s on how to repair a crack in a concrete sidewalk, or a missing corner from a concrete sidewalk, there is absolutely nothing on this particular issue.  I’ve searched endlessly as I don’t want to mess this up.  I hope my trial and error can help someone out in cyberspace.

I purchased some masonry crack filler that comes pre-mixed in a 1L bottle.  It seems like the proper patch tool for the job.  The first step was to remove all of the existing nails, and clean the area thoroughly.

I then poured the filler in to the holes, making sure to overfill each hole.

I tested it out to see if I could sand this filler to make the patch perfectly smooth and level with the rest of the floor.  It seems to sand very well.  There is a cancer warning for the dust particles that come from this, so I will be wearing a mask whenever sanding.

The patch is still drying and my Monday is booked.  I am planning on sanding this section down on Tuesday night.  I will update my progress then.

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