Goodbye Baby Tat

Baby Tat (named by Taylor) was originally named Olivia and then named Baby by our friends Jeff & Sara who we got her from.  They have numerous cats (8 or so) and she didn’t get along with another alpha kitty in their household.  We decided to take her from them to possibly give her a better living environment.

Furby, Baby Tat and Oreo

Our other cats, Furby and Oreo were mixed on the addition of a new roommate.  Oreo loved it, and we eventually started calling the two “lovers.”  Although they couldn’t consummate their relationship they acted very much like a couple.  Furby is the embodiment of a “grumpy old man.”  He is an alpha kitty as well.  The two would sometimes get along, but most of the time fought to the bone.  Those fights would sometimes rattle the house.

Baby Tat has been showing her distress by leaving bombs all over the house.  When I say bomb, I really mean feces.  We know there is nothing physically wrong with her, but nothing we tried to do would help or solve this situation. 

Out of frustration, we gave her a new home.  A gentleman came over Sunday to meet her, and they seemed to make a connection.  She stayed in his arms (which she wouldn’t do that long for any of us.)  He grew up with a cat and missed the companionship.  He doesn’t have any other animals at home either, which is a big plus for this princess.

Although the house is a bit quieter, and there seems to be an empty hole where she used to be.  I believe she will be better off.

We miss you Baby Tat!

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  1. Rachel says:

    I miss her too :-(. But all in all, it is better for everyone involved.

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