Lately I have been pre-occupied with many things, which have diverted my attention away from accomplishing a single task.  So I’m going to merely list some updates as to what’s been going on since I last posted.

Hope is in sight:  My truck is still broken.  We got a deal on a complete fuel pump assembly on eBay.  It’s brand new and OEM, so I’m not too concerned about it working.  Last Saturday I tried to install it, but this job is meant for someone who either works on vehicles all the time, or has power tools.  Since I am neither, I couldn’t do the job.  My dad called last night and my step-uncle agreed to do it for me.  My dad is having it towed to his house today and I anticipate it being completed before any bad snowfalls occur.

Family Memories:  My mother-in-law gave us some priceless family photos to scan into the computer.  Some dating back to 1906!  I’m not sure if she knew it, but many of these “old” photos were actually scanned and printed out by someone already.  Who that is I don’t know.  Some of these pictures need some help, as they have cracks on them or have pieces ripped off.  I hope to sharpen up my photoshop skillz and fix ’em. 

There are several “cards” which I find quite moving.  They are what I would call “death memorial” cards.  They were given out (by the church?) when someone died.  My wifes’ family is from Dubois county, which is rich with German heritage.  This card is written in German and Latin.  I find the artwork on the back quite moving.  What do you think?

Music, Music, Music:  I finally caved and bought an iPod.  I refuse to pay retail for one, so I went second hand on eBay.  I got a nice 30gb model, which is big enough for what I need.  I didn’t buy this iPod for personal entertainment, but to convert all of our CD’s into electronic media.  This way we can get rid of the enormous space they take up.  Once everything is done, we’re going to put them into storage.

I have imported them all into iTunes and discovered one interesting thing.  CD’s over time, with scratches and other defects can sound like old LP’s.  Some of the tracks I have imported have that “scratchy” sound made infamous by LP’s.  Now I have a monumental task of going through roughly 2500 songs and re-importing the ones whose quality doesn’t meet my standards…ugh

Once all is complete, I won’t be lugging any CD’s on trips anymore.  Just an iPod and a FM transmitter/docking station.  It’s a dream come true.

So Many Tools, So Little Space:  I have had a set of tools since I was about 14.  That’s about the age that I started working on cars.  Over that 14 year time-span, my tool collection has increased significantly but my tool storage hasn’t.  Since we moved into our home, I have had my tools in 3 locations with no real organization at all.

I have been planning on purchasing a nice tool chest combo from Sears for a few months.  I told my family members to get me gift cards, so I could save them up and purchase what I wanted when I had enough.  Over Thanksgiving, my father said he was going to just buy me a particular one that I did not want.  He took me to sears and the one I wanted was 50% off and with the gift cards I had already received for my birthday, it was the same price as he was going to pay.  So I got it, but there was a problem.  Rachel and I tried to pick it up, and the cabinet portion is too big to fit in her car.  One of my co-workers said he would do me a favor and pick it up and deliver it to my house today.  I really appreciate it!  I plan on keeping a small toolbox in a closet for small things, and the rest of my tools in my new toolbox.

So hopefully once my picture project is done, I can start having a organized tool area.

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