His Loss, My Gain

My last three days with Morgenstern Home Services was just like my first three days.  Disappointment.

The first day was cancelled before it began.

The second day I was called to go to a job to do these tasks: replace a piece of siding, replace a roof vent cap, replace a window and a sliding glass door.

The third day the rest of the job was cancelled by the homeowner.  I received a call just as I arrived, the homeowner also then told me that she didn’t like his demeanor or professionalism, so she had decided to cancel the rest.  The only thing remaining – the sliding glass door.

The homeowner then went on to ask if I had a business card so she could contact me should she want to hire me.  I drove home and printed out some new business cards, and went back.  I didn’t push my business offerings, I just made sure she had my contact information.

I was surprised to receive an email that night thanking me for the work I had done on her house, and asking what kind of fees would be associated with transferring some negatives.

I quoted her my price, and she sounds interested.

It may be a dead end, but she said she would reorganize her collections and get back with me.

I guess my customer service skills aren’t that bad after all.

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