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I Give Up

Yesterday, the new motherboard I ordered arrived.  I spent the majority of last night replacing what I believe is a bad motherboard. The new one is significantly different than the old one, as the connections are in different places and … Continue reading

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Almost a Decade

Almost a decade ago, I became a father, a father to a beautiful baby girl.  How can I raise a child when I’m just a kid myself? Many things change in almost a decade.  Your mother and I have since went … Continue reading

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Final Diagnosis

While diagnosing my computer last night, the real problem revealed itself.  My motherboard is cracked, or broken in some way. I was testing my 4 RAM chips individually, to ensure my RAM was the problem when something happened.  The computer just quit.  … Continue reading

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Preliminary Diagnosis

After doing some research about what could be wrong with my computer, I have come up with 2 possible problems.  Either my motherboard is bad in some way, or my RAM is bad in some way. I found some software … Continue reading

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The Computer is Alive

My computer has a problem.  It has gotten better over the past couple of weeks, but it is still there. It will restart at random times, after reboot i will get a message saying that “the system has recovered from … Continue reading

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Harvest for All

Over the weekend my in-laws came up for a get together to celebrate my daughters’ upcoming 9th birthday.  They also had fun picking apples from our apple tree. My mother-in-law took 2 five gallon buckets that were almost halfway full.  … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Wish I Had a Problem Like This

By RAPHAEL G. SATTER, Associated Press Writer LONDON – A British man has been banned from visiting his girlfriend’s home after neighbors complained about noisy sex, a local official said Thursday.

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The Old Just Got Older

Today is my dad’s 57th birthday.  Happy birthday dad! I’ve really lost count of my dad’s age since about 1999.  It just doesn’t really matter to me anymore. While he won’t be receiving any gifts right now, he does have … Continue reading

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The Long & Short of It

Tomorrow is our 4th wedding anniversary.  Much has happened since that wonderful night in Bedford. We didn’t really do much for our anniversary last year, so this year we are at least going out to eat at a nice place. … Continue reading

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The Bedroom of Her Dreams

The next project Rachel and I have is to actually finish a room in the house.  That room being my daughter Taylors’ room. We are installing new baseboard trim, a new entry door and a new closet door.  Her room … Continue reading

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Makin’ ROX Look Better

I’ve restarted this adventure I started over 3 years ago, by working full force on season 1 of ROX again.  I was working on 2 seasons and I believe I got way over my head.  There were just too many … Continue reading

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The Cat is Out

Last week I sent an email to the entire ROX blogging crew, asking if they liked apples. I was very surprised as to the response I got. B is very curious about what my plans are, and even told me … Continue reading

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flickr Login Confusion Solved…Finally

Today I finally fixed a problem I’ve had for almost 2 years! I use flickr for uploading of many of the pictures I take for online storage.  It keeps ’em safe.  Logging into my account has been nothing but confusing … Continue reading

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Making Progress

Rachel and I were very productive this weekend.  We painted our foyer, I changed the oil in my  truck, trimmed some tree limbs with the help of my neighbor, and I mowed the front yard. This week I plan on … Continue reading

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The past few months have been especially hard on my poor old truck. It hasn’t been doing it’s usual job, which is to sit right there.  It’s been worked and worked and over worked. I normally only have to change … Continue reading

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His Loss, My Gain

My last three days with Morgenstern Home Services was just like my first three days.  Disappointment. The first day was cancelled before it began. The second day I was called to go to a job to do these tasks: replace … Continue reading

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