Back at the Olde TS

Today I have begun working at the Kelley School of Business in the Technology Services department again.  Right now I am only working on Thursday’s and Friday’s.

Hopefully this will give my ankle enough of a break to actually heal.  I hope so, as the pain is constant and uncomfortable.

I’m unsure how long I will stay with Morgenstern Home Services, as the hours have became not steady.  The price of gas is also really cutting into things, as I’ve had to fill up my tank typically twice a week.

I have sent an email to the CSR, and am awaiting a response as to when they would like me back.

The one thing that bothers me about leaving Morgenstern is the flexibility and the pay, as it is much more than I have made in a long time.  But the savings in fuel would more than make up for that difference in pay.

It’s one of those tough decisions that everyone has to make sometime in their lives.

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