Anything for My Grandpa

While in Oklahoma visiting my aunts, I went to look at an old radio that was my grandfather’s.  My aunt Laura has it in a storage trailer of hers, and said that I could have it.  While we did not have space for it to bring it back with us, I will make a trip to pick it up soon.

The trailer was very high off the ground, about 6 feet to be exact.  They had a pallet sitting on it’s side to climb up into it, and at the time I didn’t feel sure about climbing down it, so I jumped.  BIG MISTAKE!  I just found out today that I “might” have broken my right tibia.  The x-ray was inconclusive to a doctor and the x-ray tech.  They sent it off to a radiologist so I should find out tomorrow.

But I got these beautiful, incredible pictures of an item that is worth it’s weight in gold to me.

Many people may see those pictures and just see an old radio, I see something much different.

My grandfather was a radio & TV repairman for most of his professional career.  He was the ONLY one in Adair county, Oklahoma.  While in the navy during WWII, he installed radar systems on the pacific fleet.  This radio represents what my grandpa was, and what he loved.  He was always into “new technology” just as I am.  I think I get most of my curiosity about this from him.

He was the only grandfather I really knew, and I still miss him to this day.  I was given his truck when I was 19, due to my epilepsy and age it was wrecked.  I spent every dime I had to try to fix it, but could not.  This item will not be treated with the same reckless abandon.

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2 Responses to Anything for My Grandpa

  1. Rachel says:

    This will be wonderful to restore, and I know it will be a great project for you. I’m just sorry you had to hurt yourself :-(. Love you!

  2. Kelly says:

    What a neat radio and memory. (I have an awfully big soft spot for my departed Grandpa, too).

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