A Virtual Island

UPDATE:  To see aerial photos of the flooding, point your web browser here.

Due to the volatile weather this week, most of southern Indiana is flooded.  Parts of Morgan, Owen, Brown and Bartholomew counties are being evacuated.  10 counties have been declared disaster areas, including Monroe.

The sad thing is that it’s only going to get worse before it gets any better.  I have seen reports on TV that these are century level floods.  After the water is gone, we will still have to repair the roads and so on and so forth.  Many roads and bridges have became impassable or even demolished due to the water.

Here is what Morgan county looks like:

Here is some of Spencer (Owen County‘s) Flooding:

Here is what Bloomington looked like a few days ago:

For the most part, Monroe county is alright now.  All of this flooding has created a major problem though, as it has washed away roads, and in some cases bridges.

Here is a picture of a bridge on Highway 46 between Spencer and Bowling Green:

It has been very hot and humid, which only causes trouble in the mid-west.  It’s been beautiful during the day, but we have been paying for it with these consequences at night.

I have never seen flooding this bad in Indiana in my whole life.

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  1. Editor B says:

    Holy hell. Just saw this on the evening news down here in New Orleans.

    When I first heard of high water in Bloomington, but no serious damage, I was amused. But I’m not laughing now.

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