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Just Like New…I Think

I worked my last day of the semester at Kelley today, and after I left, I immediately went to pick up my mower.  It had been at John Deere since last Saturday being repaired. I was in for a shocker … Continue reading

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She’s Being Hooded

Friday that is. That’s right, this Friday my wife Rachel is going through that ritual of rituals, graduation.  This will be her third. I’m so proud of her, as she has practically devoted the last 4 years of her life … Continue reading

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After almost 2 years in our home, we have things on the walls. We have, at my request, an art area. We have family pictures abound. And we have a nic-nac corner. Now if we could finish the rest of … Continue reading

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It’s A Jungle Out There (In My Yard)

Since taking my mower to the shop to have it repaired, I have not been able to mow the lawn. When I first mowed the lawn, I only mowed the front yard.  On top of that, I fertilized it as … Continue reading

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The Heat is On

This is my last week at Technology Services until next semester, at the earliest.  The CSR is going to begin to slow down, but there might be a large study to do.  It’s just a waiting game until then. I … Continue reading

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Oh The Insanity!

We were told by the USGS that there could be up to as many as 12 or so aftershocks for up to a week after the earthquake.  I was surprised to see this headline buried in the newspaper today, “4.5 … Continue reading

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Our home has undergone some major changes since we purchased it in 2006.  I just thought I would hi-light those with some pictures, a little before and after.  There was a lot of work to do because of that awful … Continue reading

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The Little Mower That Could (For A While Anyway)

When we bought our home there was a big argument regarding how we would care for the yard.  At .47 acres, it’s not small, but not large.  I wanted a riding mower, but Rachel wanted to push mow the lawn. … Continue reading

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If The House is a Rockin’

The midwest felt something very strange Friday morning, there was an earthquake.  I have heard so much about the quake of ’87 or the quake of ’02, but I didn’t feel or just don’t remember them. I’m only writing this … Continue reading

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Feast or Famine

I have been steadily applying for new positions, even though I currently have 2 jobs. I would generally get an interview here, or a callback there, but nothing really panned out. For the past couple of nights, when we’ve gotten … Continue reading

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A Very Productive Weekend

Rachel and I weren’t ourselves this weekend, we were productive! Saturday, Taylor came over for a while and we had fun.  She was up with her mom, I think they’re trying to unpack their new home in Owensburg before they … Continue reading

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100k is a Magic Number

My truck surpassed an automotive milestone on the way back from Muncie last Saturday night, the odometer turned over 100,000 miles.  Yes, I took this picture while driving.  Illegal perhaps, but it only happens once. For some strange reason, I … Continue reading

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There is No Justice Without the Law

Last Saturday my father and I travelled up to Muncie to see an old friend.  I hadn’t seen him in 12 years.  I’ve speratically chatted with him on myspace and yahoo messenger for about a year now, but didn’t have … Continue reading

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Take a Listen, If You Can

There are many creative minds at work at the CSR.  Many of us enjoy the video production/editing fields.  There are 2 ladies with Ph.D.’s, a jewelry maker, and the list goes on from there. For most of us, the CSR … Continue reading

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