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I’m Hot for Cheerleader

Pictures of an IU cheerleader in the buff are on the net.  The HT did a story about it, and she is quoted as saying that “she’s been harrassed via e-mail so much since they (the pictures) were published that she had to leave Bloomington for California.” … Continue reading

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Easter with My Little Halfshell

Taylor has spring break this week.  She stayed last weekend with us, and is staying the evenings with us thru tonight. Over the weekend we celebrated Easter with my wifes’ family bright and early on Saturday, and on Sunday with … Continue reading

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That Empty Feeling

Since I’ve started taking Chantix, and quit smoking.  I have this strange feeling, it’s like I’m empty inside now. While non smokers may not understand what I’m talking about, its more mental than physical and in my case has deep … Continue reading

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Our Taxes at Work

This building is government subsidized housing for elderly people.  It’s located in Decatur, Alabama. You honestly can’t really tell from the ground.  But pictures are worth a 1,000 words in this case.  Prompted by complaints from a jewish activist and a … Continue reading

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14 Days!

Today we delivered everything back to the Kelley School of Business MBA program.  I must say, I am quite astonished that I was able to complete this mega-transfer in a mere 14 days. Total time spent on each tape was about … Continue reading

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Giving Up The Monster

I have attempted to quit smoking many times.  I have used the patch, gum and lozenges. This time I’m taking a more pharmaceutical try.  Last Tuesday, I had an appointment with my physician who I hadn’t seen in almost 10 … Continue reading

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