The Doors Are Opening

It was hard to schedule at first, but I interviewed for a computer support position at the Kelley School of Business.  It sounded interesting, but I felt like I didn’t have the skills necessary.  I was offered the job within hours of my interview.

As a touch of deja vu, it is in the “Technical Services” department, the same department I worked in at Baxter.

The customer base is very small, as they only support faculty, staff and graduate students.  It is also filtered more because they only deal with certain issues, larger problems are delegated to UITS.

I started yesterday, and didn’t do a whole lot but read.  I see this opening the doors to something greater in the future though.

Although it’s only 8 hours a week, hopefully I can add this to my resume and wow people some more.

One of my new co-workers actually said that when they saw my resume, people said that they called it the “uber-resume.”

I can’t take credit for that as my wife mainly designed it.

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  1. Rachel says:

    You know I am your biggest fan and supporter, dear. We are in this life for the long haul, and I’m glad you decided to take me with you on this ride. I love you more every day!

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