Please Boycott FedEX

I purchased a BetaCam SP player from a company who was simply “unloading” un-needed equipment.

It was shipped on the 19th from California and should have been here already.  The original “estimated” delivery date was the 25th, but I guess my business wasn’t important enough to them.  Around 9pm they updated the tracking information to say, “Delivery Exception” it then goes on to say the package will be delivered the next business day.  It’s currently 5pm, and no sight of FedEX yet.

I’ve been here all day waiting on this package, as I cannot complete this IU job without this piece of equipment.  My patience has ran thin and I’m about to do some major complaining.

One problem is that FedEX has a messed up distribution system.  There is a local branch, but only for “express” orders.  If you use their “ground” service, your package comes from Terre Haute, 50 miles away.

I don’t use FedEX, mainly due to their price.  Now I’m just getting pissed.

UPS is always here by 9am, and I count on them.  I think their service has become much better than even USPS, as all packages are insured and always make their destination in 3 business days or less.

I’m wishing this package was sent via UPS now.

UPDATE:  I finally received the player.  After calling FedEX for 2 days, speaking with reps and managers.  I lost 2 days of valuable time.  I hope this reaches anyone who thinks about sending FedEX.

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