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Last Birthday

Today, my wife is celebrating her last birthday.  According to her anyway. There are many things I believe that she wanted to do before she turns a certain age, I think she feels dissapointed that she hasn’t done some of these … Continue reading

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The Doors Are Opening

It was hard to schedule at first, but I interviewed for a computer support position at the Kelley School of Business.  It sounded interesting, but I felt like I didn’t have the skills necessary.  I was offered the job within … Continue reading

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On a Roll

Since I finally received my equipment yesterday, I have begun on the bulk of this transfer for IU. I had never used this type of equipment before, and was somewhat frightened about using it.  I was also worried about what … Continue reading

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Please Boycott FedEX

I purchased a BetaCam SP player from a company who was simply “unloading” un-needed equipment. It was shipped on the 19th from California and should have been here already.  The original “estimated” delivery date was the 25th, but I guess … Continue reading

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Uncharted Territory

My business has just received two new jobs which are uncharted territory to me.  I have never done anything like this before, to some point it’s frightening.  It’s also something new that I can add to my list of products … Continue reading

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No More to Spread

Well, today went beautifully. My neighbor came over to try to correct this clog in our drain.  We snaked the line, used a compressed air machine on it, and even cleaned out the vent line. It just got worse. So … Continue reading

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Spread Thin

Progress on projects I have undertaken has come very slow. Here is a list of things I am currently working or trying to work on: 1. Redesign my website. 2. Redesign all electronic menus for DVDs and packaging for my products. 3. Look … Continue reading

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