I Need A Graphic Designer, or Become One

I have made some strides in this new website development.  However, there are some things that I still have problems figuring out.

I have figured out this Joomla CMS tool that I am now using, but I need a graphic designer to remove some “white space” from my tattoo picture.  I would also like a version of it that is white, and one that is inverted from its current colors.

I also need to learn a little more about CSS and XHTML.  I have found many templates for Joomla that I like, but none of them blow me away.  If I could modify them or join 2 of them into one template, I would be halfway there.

I’m still adding content, and trying to figure out how to get PayPal to work with this in the grand scheme of things.  I think the grand re-launch will be a few months away.

Check it out!  I have the website online at

IU offers a Digital Design Certificate, I really want to do it.  Depending on how things go I might in the fall.  It focuses on design of brochures and such.  It also teaches about the Adobe Creative Suite.  I have a part of it, Photoshop CS3, but haven’t gotten my hands on the other programs thus far.  Who knows, LML Video Services might start to offer Graphic Design services in the future.

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