Halloweens of Past and Present

UPDATE:  I uploaded the Vamipress picture to the Herald-Times website and it’s on there! 

Since my child is a girl, she has mainly wanted to be “cute” things.  This year was a departure on that theme.  She recently dyed her hair a bright red, and decided to be a Vampiress.  I must say I think she pulled off the scary part quite well from the pictures I have seen.

She has been an M&M, an Angel, a Kitty, and a Pretty Witch on previous Halloweens.  This has been the first Halloween I have been apart from my daughter.  Her mother and I have always tried to make a point to go out with her trick or treating.  This year was impossible with the distance between us.  I’m sure it was great though.

You should be proud Taylor, as a Vampire was my favorite thing to be on Halloween!  I love you and miss you sweetheart.

I have this strange feeling of pride and sadness.  Every year, my daughter enters different stages of life that make me love her even more.  This is one big step in my eyes.  The sadness you ask?  When she isn’t my little girl anymore 🙁

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  1. Rachel says:

    I know you miss her, dear, and I miss her too. I can’t believe how big she is getting and she is nowhere near stopping. We can all enjoy this time with her!

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