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The Five Day Holiday

Rachel and I had 5 days off for Thanksgiving this year.  Eigenmann Hall, where we work, was essentially shut down.  We visited with many people and did many things with our time. Wednesday:  Taylor came up to spend her time … Continue reading

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Sliding On

Recently I have been scanning slides for a new client.  He worked with my father at Westinghouse/ABB back in the day.  He has given me over 700 of these babies, and let me know via email last night that there … Continue reading

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Runnin’ On Empty

Rachel and I have been busy the last week with lots of preparing for our first Thankgiving in our home.  Since we are young ones in our families, we generally go elsewhere to have this holiday feast. Our first task … Continue reading

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My Presidential Vote is Going to Santa Claus!

Last Saturday evening, my father and I went to the Murat Centre to see one of my most favorite comedians, Lewis Black. It was my first time visiting the Murat, and the first time my father and I had seen Lewis. … Continue reading

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I Thought It Was Over

Last night I received a call from my daughters mother.  Taylor had a seizure! I was almost certain this was over, when she was around 1 she had a few seizures. This brought me into an immediate depression with thoughts … Continue reading

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Ding Dong The Shed Is Gone!

When we purchased our home, there were several things we didn’t exactly like about it.  Those things mainly being the above ground pool and the shed. Yes, having a shed is nice.  This one was impractical though.  It sat almost a foot … Continue reading

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Halloweens of Past and Present

UPDATE:  I uploaded the Vamipress picture to the Herald-Times website and it’s on there!  Since my child is a girl, she has mainly wanted to be “cute” things.  This year was a departure on that theme.  She recently dyed her … Continue reading

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