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What Relief?

The Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels aka “My Man Mitch” has a new plan for the property tax crisis that is mainly afflicting Indianapolis and it’s surrounding counties. I’m mad as hell, because I voted for this guy.  He’s not “my man” … Continue reading

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A Time of Reflection

As a special day in my life, today being my birthday, I have thought about some of the events that have occured in my life that have made me, well, me. Here is a summation of my life thus far, all 27 … Continue reading

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Droppin’ Like Flies

I just learned that 2 more homes will be for sale in Sunrise Estates. As you can see from this illustration.  It seems a disproportionate amount of homes are for sale here, and I can’t get my fingers on it. … Continue reading

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Time For a Little Something “On The ROX”

I am now with no constant clients for my business, so I’m starting the daunting task of saving my favorite little show from B-town from dust. I have a new game plan now which I think will be better for the … Continue reading

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Brain Drain

Over the past year, I’ve forgotten how much mental energy an office job takes.  My stamina has long gone away.  Most of this week, I have been exhausted by this new job.  I’m not complaining, just explaining. We have been … Continue reading

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What a Lovely Saturday Evening

Yesterday we spent a wonderful evening with my brother and sister in-law.  She works at the IRT (Indianapolis Repertory Theatre). One of her benefits is free tickets to each show.  Last night it was Our Town.  I have to say it … Continue reading

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Green Power For The Masses

Finally electric consumers in this area have options when it comes to how the power they consume is generated. The Herald-Times had a story on October 4th that blew me away.  All of the local electric utilities (Duke Energy, UDWI-REMC … Continue reading

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Won’t You Be, My Neighbor?

This is where I live.  It’s a small neighborhood named Sunrise Estates.  It’s quiet, peaceful and very unique.  We’re not a very social neighborhood, but we are neighborly!  The best part is being away from the “hustle and bustle” of … Continue reading

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Not Level, But Smooth

I’ve spent the vast majority of this week preparing our living room, dining room, hallway and entry areas for paint. This has entailed a lot of drywall patching, sanding and even texturing. The final picture is enhanced to show the … Continue reading

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