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And There Was Light

Today I’ve been working on removing our old entry chandelier and replacing it with a new one, more suited to our tastes.  Our old one is on the right. It is similar to our dining room chandelier, but much larger.  … Continue reading

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I Got A REAL Job!

Today I accepted a position with IU! It’s with the Center for Survey Research as a Production Staff member.  My job duties will be as follows. Survey packet assembly Opening/Sorting/Batching returned mail and surveys Formatting addresses in databases Scanning surveys … Continue reading

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When It’s Feast or Famine, I Try To Feast As Much As Possible

This year so far has been somewhat of a growing year for my business, LML Video Services. I have added new services, and I’m currently planning a commercial.  If you have any interesting ideas let me know, as I’m always open … Continue reading

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This weekend is a big weekend for my wife.  We will be going to her 10 year high school reunion.  Rachel (my wife) comes from a very small town, in a very rural area of southern Indiana.  They don’t even have … Continue reading

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A Little Fishy

I applied for a position listed in the Herald-Times and got it!  The bad part is something just seems a little fishy.  I did some exhaustive research regarding this “industry,” as there are many other companies that do the same … Continue reading

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Bloomington has it’s own “pedia.”  It’s basically a clone of wilkipedia, but everything is related to my hometown. There are many interesting articles about what Bloomington is and what this town used to be. My wife is constantly trying to find … Continue reading

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Is The World Spinning, Or Is It Just Me?

Not too long after I awoke today, something very strange happened to me. I had what I’m calling a mini-seizure. Just as I was about to take my morning dose of anti-seizure medication, the world started spinning.  It felt like … Continue reading

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Letting The Numbers Speak

To help us determine ways to save energy costs and consumption, I have created spreadsheets of our utility bills and a spreadsheet for the fuel consumption of my truck. From what I have entered thus far I have found some … Continue reading

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There’s a Nightmare, In My Hood

I was shocked as to what I saw in the newspaper over the weekend. Click *here* to read the story via (Indianpolis’s ABC affiliate) Just a few miles away, someone has been arrested for double homicide.  The gross part … Continue reading

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What’cha Think?

    It’s my new desktop.  It took a lot of time and patience to make it this way, but I enjoy it very much.  My favorite artist Van Gogh is featured here with his painting “A Night on the … Continue reading

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Starting To Enjoy the “i” Side of “Life”

After being a Windows Media Player freak since day one, I have finally switched to the “dark side” full time.  That dark side being iTunes. This is not a revolt against Microsoft by any means, just a change of venue … Continue reading

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Still Searching, But For What?!?

Since losing my job with Sternberg, my job search efforts which were already underway have picked up significantly.  I have applied for many positions, with many different companies. I’ve gotten several interviews, but not much more than that. I had … Continue reading

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