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A New Visit With An Old Friend

For all past and present Bloomingtonians, the Von Lee is back! Sadly, it’s not a theatre but still very enjoyable to visit.  Over the past year or so, the building has undergone major renovation.  The lower level is now a … Continue reading

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The China Syndrome

Well………….not literally. I came home from work today to discover my computer was shut-off.  I like many others, leave my computer on all the time.  Due to power saving features etc. it seems easier that way. Ever since I built … Continue reading

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It’s In The Mail

I sent all 100 of my flyers out today.  Hopefully within a week or two I will hear back from some potential clients.  If I don’t get the response I desire, I will try again in early spring. I believe … Continue reading

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‘Oh How My Heart Breaks

I miss my little girl every day she’s not here with me. Daddy misses you Taylor!

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A New Venture

I have officially decided to try to expand my very small mowing business.  Just to emphasize how small it is, I only have one customer!  And that’s my current employer. It seems to be more lucrative than video transfers, but … Continue reading

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Saving My Family’s Past For The Sake of My Family’s Future

Slowly, I have started scanning old pictures that have been taken of my family.  Something just draws me to do this, and I enjoy it.  I found many surprises on my first venture at my grandma Lawmaster’s last Saturday. Take a … Continue reading

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