The Indian Connection

I previously wrote about how I am trying to get my hands on a piece of John Mellencamp artwork, and how I adore Cherokee indian art.

I purchased my first piece of Indian art way back in 1996.  I had it framed a few years ago.  It’s a beautiful print from Cherokee artist Ben Adair Shoemaker.
Someone very special read that post, Shoemaker’s grandaughter.  The strange part is that she is applying to come to the IU school of law!  I just might end up with some more interesting pieces from this fine artist.

Still no luck on the Mellencamp front, but I’ll keep plugging away.

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  1. Marilyn Helgeson says:

    Hello Lee~

    I went on line to see what I could learn of Ben Adair Shoemaker. As you are in touch with a granddaughter, you seem the best link.
    I inherited 2 limited additions and am interested in knowing more about the artist.

    And info and/or links you provide will be much appreciated.

    Marilyn Wright Helgeson

  2. Bettina Shoemaker Patton says:


    Ben Adair Shoemaker is my uncle, my father’s youngest brother. He is somewhat reclusive, a Shoemaker trait, and rather shy. I am certain, however, that he is honored to have you as a true fan.

  3. Stefany Shoemaker says:

    I am also Ben Shoemaker’s granddaughter, I currently live in Arkansas, and have never met my grandfather…I would love to get ahold of more of his work. Also, would like to come in contact with his family, so I can know where I come from. My mother is Pamela Shoemaker, my Uncles are Matthew and Bradly Shoemaker, Ben was married to my grandmother Karen Anderson for years, but I would love to find my heritage.

  4. Bettina Shoemaker says:


    Please feel free to e-mail me if you wish.

  5. Bettina Shoemaker says:


    I accidentally deleted your e-mail address. Please write back!


  6. Abby Myers says:

    I have inherited a proof of Ben Adair Shoemakers. It is autographed to my mother best wishes from the artist Ben Shoemaker. I would like to find more out about the artist. Please fell free to email me.

  7. Corry Spoor says:

    I have a Ben shoemaker print named can you fix it? of a maother and daughter with a broken doll. If you’re collecting, how much woud you pay for it? Corry

  8. Pamela Smith says:

    I need to contact Stefany Shoemaker. I beleive that Ben Adair Shoemakers’ mother, who would be her great grandmother is my step-mother. Would it be possible to give her my information?

  9. Stefany Shoemaker says:


    I would love to get in touch with you, please feel free to contact me via e-mail Doke is my married name by the way! I would love to meet you, and your family, I am really looking to get in touch with my roots, as I am unable to contact my grandfather due to a falling out years ago. PLEASE if you read this contact me! Thank you! And I can’t wait to hear from you!


    I would love to see if you still have “can you fix her” for sale, I have very limited prints of my grandfather’s work. Please also feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you.

    Stefany “Shoemaker” Doke

  10. George John Warren says:

    I have 3 pieces of Ben Adair Shoemaker art

    Evening Moon circa 1996.
    Original Painting

    Buffalo Trail a wood cut pice of art

    and one other signed piece of art.

    I met Ben in Locust Grove….a very special person and so is his wife Joan

  11. Jon Johanson says:

    I recently inherited an original painting titled “mother and child”. It is a beautiful profile of a native woman holding her baby. It appears to be completed and signed in 1980. Would anyone have any information about this painting for me? I can send pictures if you like….

  12. Dustin Rice says:

    I am Ben’s grandson. I’ve always known he was an amazing artist but this was the first time I’ve ever googled him and I never imagined how many links he was related to in some way. Makes me very proud to read what people think of his work. He is very shy and reclusive and I’m just glad I’ve been lucky enough to have him as my grandfather. He also has several rock/stone sculptures and in the last few years he’s been making a lot of jewelry. He never ceases to amaze me. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me. My addy is

  13. Andrew Shoemaker says:

    From what I understand Ben Shoemaker is my grandfather Wessly Shoemakers younger brother … I only met Ben and his wife June when I was one and as a artist myself I look up to him. My parents have a couple of small prints of his and treasure them .I would love to meet him once more and let him know his art is majestic . And yes we shoemakers like to keep to ourselves maybe that is why we are great artist , who knows .

  14. tara says:

    I have an origional painting by ben adair shoemaker and was curious as to its worth. I am surprised at how many links his name is connected to as well as the limited information any contained. Plwease respond as I am interested in knowing more.

  15. Carolyn M says:

    So many of these comments appear to be “fishing” for info. I see a lot of untruths printed. Honestly, I don’t blame Ben for being reclusive and shy. I am Ben’s cousin, and I know the family quite well. Ben, and his Mom, are very dear to my heart, and I hope their privacy is respected.

  16. Bettina Patton says:

    Carolyn M, I do not understand what you mean by many untruths. I see no untruths posted here at all. I am Ben’s niece, Stefany is his granddaughter, Andrew appears to be his great nephew as Wes is Ben’s older brother (now deceased). You must be related to Ben through his mother, Sylvia, who I knew quite well growing up as well as his younger sister, Patty. I am not familiar with your name at all. Have we ever met?

  17. Kat M says:

    I recently came across one of his drawings. It’s an artist’s proof. Not totally sure what that means. I googled him and all of this popped up! Cool story.

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