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Now That’s An Upgrade

Thank you Tampax, for providing me with that line 🙂 Anyway, we finally converted to a LCD monitor.  Not just any though, as we went all out with a 19″ widescreen.   It’s a Sceptre DVI model, with a 8ms … Continue reading

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Doing Our Part

After becoming a homeowner, one thing became very clear to me.  We all need to do what we can to save our energy use.  One reason we decided to purchase an all electric home.  Thus, no confusion or systems to … Continue reading

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The Indian Connection

I previously wrote about how I am trying to get my hands on a piece of John Mellencamp artwork, and how I adore Cherokee indian art. I purchased my first piece of Indian art way back in 1996.  I had … Continue reading

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This Is Costing Me What?

Since I am now running LML Video Services like a business and not my personal piggy bank, I am trying to reduce some of my ongoing costs as much as possible. This has become very frustrating, especially with DVDs.  It … Continue reading

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Just Another Manic Monday

Oh wait, it’s Tuesday right now.  Anyways, Monday wasn’t a good day for the magic man.  About 5:30am I began feeling dizzy and lightheaded.  A sure sign that a seizure was coming on.  Not good for someone who is constantly … Continue reading

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Good Neighbors, Bad Friends?

Today my wife accidentally drove her car into the ditch on one side of our driveway while returning from running some errands.  We received another 4 inches or so yesterday, which made it hard to spot exactly where the driveway … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Digital Bride

After transferring many peoples’ wedding videos to DVD, I have decided to create a package specifically designed for that purpose. This package combines your wedding video with your wedding pictures (up to 100).  The best part is the price.  Normally … Continue reading

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The Date Draws Near

My lovely daughter, will more than likely be moving away from me in around 3 months. When I was first told of this, I took it in stride.  Now is a different story.  Since I have to work on the … Continue reading

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2007, A Growing Year?

I am hoping to continue LML Video Services‘ growth this year.  The major problem is trying to figure out how. I took the first step by making it an actual business, and start a business checking account.  I also have … Continue reading

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The Never Ending Story…

This week I rewired one circuit in the garage.  Now I only have one more to go.  After that I will just need to redo the plumbing, cover everything, and we will have a new garage! One item that is … Continue reading

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Money Won’t Buy You This!

I am not a big sports fan, per say.  I follow a little bit of this and that, but I ALWAYS watch the superbowl.  The Colts finally pulled it out, and won their first Vince Lombardi trophy! This year was … Continue reading

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