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Out With The Old, In With The New

Friday I removed our old dishwasher, pictured below.  It was an interesting exercise in reverse installation. Sunday, Rachel, Taylor and I installed our new dishwasher.  It was a long time coming, as nobody would offer to do the dishes (including me).  … Continue reading

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Moving On, And Up?

Rachel has moved up the higher education ladder, finally.  She accepted a position with the IU school of Informatics.  I cannot remember the exact position title, but I believe it is Director or Assistant Director of Graduate affairs??? I am … Continue reading

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After my interviews with Monroe County Dispatch and Solution Tree, I felt hopeful I would receive some good news regarding at least one of the positions. I didn’t. Solution Tree called a day after my interview and actually said they … Continue reading

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Down, But Not Out

Another chapter in my ongoing computer problems.  I was actually writing a post regarding this when I received the infamous “blue screen of death!” I discovered what actually killed my power supply.  Somehow (still a mystery to me) my power … Continue reading

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It’s Official!

My business, LML Video Services is no longer just a project I have in a room of my house. Today, I registered it as a business with the Monroe County Recorder‘s office.  I then opened a business checking account.  This … Continue reading

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Update – Art Collector?

I received a message from a person who works for John Mellencamp.  He asked John if he would like to sell the painting mentioned in Mike Leonard’s article.  John told him to tell me that he’s “really happy with this … Continue reading

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New Adventures For Everyone, Hopefully

We are officially planning our spring break vacation now.  Since my daughter has told me that she didn’t really enjoy her recent trip to Oklahoma, we have decided to do something we know she will enjoy. Rachel and Taylor have … Continue reading

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Power Restored…For Now Anyway

I swapped my “new” POS power supply for another today. After speaking with the tech, he informed me of what could have caused this little disaster.  He informed me that the 12v section of the power supply went bad.  He … Continue reading

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Art Collector?

I have always been a fan of the arts.  Whether it be performing, creative, or without a title.  One problem is that I do not have many “pieces” of art.  I purchased a print while in Oklahoma many years ago.  … Continue reading

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No Juice

My ‘puter is down again.  My diagnostic abilities are somewhat limited at this point, but I strongly believe it’s my power supply again. I wasn’t upset when the original one died, as it was a cheap case/PS combo.  I have … Continue reading

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Interviews Abound

I have had many interviews lately.  Nothing seems to pan out though.  Today was my interview for the 911 dispatcher position.  It went well I think, but I’ve had the same feeling before.  I have been dreaming of this job … Continue reading

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The Leak Just Keeps a’ Flowing

I have learned many things after buying this house. 1.  Expect the unexpected. 2.  That home repair class in High School has paid it self off and then some. 3.  When one crisis is finished, another one is sure to … Continue reading

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Our New “Roomie”

We have a new guest in our home.  He only comes out about once a week.  We like to call him our “roomie” but his real name is Roomba! We are all very surprised at how well the roomba picks … Continue reading

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Nothing Fits

So much has happened since I last posted. This will be a mish-mosh if you will, of thoughts, ideas and updates. Personally this has been a trying week for me. I had an interview at IU for a position, but … Continue reading

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Sleep Much?

As anyone who has lived in this area knows, the “working wage” isn’t swell, and the costs of living are as high as the sky compared to it. The Herald-Times published an article today regarding this issue, which rattles me … Continue reading

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